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Download Demo:Being schooled by Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs can turn you into a good beatmaker, right?
Producing tracks for Dilated Peoples can shape your prouction style… and…
Hooking up with East Coast’s Mob Deep can add alot of NYC flavour to your beats… Don’t you think?

Well thats the story behing The Alchemist.

Born and raised in California, his style of beatmaking sounds like that of a New York producer.
Hes been an underground producer for a long time, then after working with Mob Deep, he gained recognition.

Ever since, he has produced for prominent artists,
such as Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, The Game and Snoop Dogg becomeing one of East Coast leading hip hop’s producers.

His productiopn styles features a lot of keyboard, trumpet, and
sampling from old school R&B.
He dont use any drums loops eventhough alot of his drum sounds are sampled from vinyl.
He prefers his drums clean and groovy.
Bass drums hitting hard on the bass notes. and HiHats dropping only on the 1/4 notes and maybe a HiHat in the back counting 16ths.

Well, for all you that know what im talking about…. Nuff Said…

The Hip Hop Workshop

is proud to present:

“an Alchemist’s Drums”

Drum samples that match the beat production style of The Alchemist!!!

This drum compilation is made by a beatmaker/producer for other beatmakers!!!

This compilation contains:

190 Alchemist Bass Drums
176 Alchemist Snare Drums
067 Alchemist Hats (HH+OH)
023 Alchemist Shakers
018 Alchemist Tambourines
017 Alchemist Rides
010 Alchemist Crashes

501 Alchemist Drum Sounds

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