Arthur Lee Land – Vol 1- Rock Land

Download Arthur Lee Land – Vol 1- Rock Land

Electric guitar loops- Arthur Lee Land’s “Rock Land” is first title in his series of loop libraries. Included are, traditional rock, alternative rock, boogies, and some syncopated and funky rhythms and leads. There are lots 4 to 6 bar progressions in this disc to make putting traditional songs with progressions much easier. As always we offer lots of variations of the main elements to make it easier to compose a more natural and live sounding song. Tempos range from 90 to 150 bpm and the song keys are E, A, C, and G.
“This guy exudes musical magic” – Steve Syzmanski, VP of Planet Bluegrass. “Lee Land is one of those guts with so much natural talent his jaw dropping virtuosity seems effortless” – John Farmer from Frontier Airlines Wild Blue Yonder Magazine. From my experience in recording Arthur and from watching him perform I can say that these comments are actually quite accurate.
All of these rock guitar loops are completely acidized acid loops. The song elements such as chorus, verse, bridge, interlude, lead, intro, and ending are all part of the file name. Also the song style, tempos and keys are noted in the file names and folder names, so that you can easily and quickly find the appropriate song section, tempo, key and style you are looking for.
There are 559 rock guitar loops in 8 folders. There are 655 MB of 24 bit acidized wav files.
This collection contains the following products:
090 ACBC E part A.rar
090 ACBC E part B.rar
095 Berry Boogie E.rar
100 Grit Boogie E.rar
115 Art Rock E.rar
115 Rock n Funk C.rar
120 Rock Solid A.rar
130 Syncopated Alt Rocker G.rar
150 Speed Rock G.rar
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