Binary Code (ACID/WAV)

Download Binary Code (ACID/WAV)

Download Demo:Ultra modern electronica sounds & beats. These loops are described as “a new sonic plane, where glitchy soundscapes, ruff cut beats and ethereal melodies rule supreme,” and are painstakingly created using an esoteric collection of sound sources compiled from field recordings, self-created experimental instruments and childrens toys.

This fantastic collection of beats, melodic materials, pads, and non-pitched elements has been created by electronic composer and sound designer Stuart Sweeney(Node) and it will be the perfect companion for Experimental Electronica, Glitch, Industrial and IDM producers.


– 250 loops and phrases featuring melodic elements, beats, rhythmic pulsating textures and atmospheres;

– All loops are 44KHz/16bit ACIDized.wav, this format is compatible with all audio applications;

– All Royalty Free.


Sonic artist, composer, sound designer and loop creator, Stuart Sweeney sculpts from a wide sonic palette, blurring the boundaries of modern electronica. His work combines elements of self created experimental instruments, field recordings, human voice, hacked hardware and short wave radio, bringing them together to form new, visceral sounds, rhythms and sonic landscapes. Sublime, uplifting melodies, typically act as a textural counterpoint to the stark digital decay, bringing balance to his organic underworld.

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