Blip Drums Complete WAV

Download Blip Drums Complete WAV

Blip Drums is a world class electronic drum sample library. We currently have over 1100 completely original electronic drum samples for sale. At Blip Drums, you won’t find samples of existing drum machines. We create new and unique samples from the ground up using a mixture of custom made modular synthesizers, software, and location recording. There’s no other sample library like Blip Drums. Our samples are 16bit .wav files which can be easily used in all of today’s hottest software, hardware, and drum pads including Akai’s MPC series, Ableton Live, Logic, Reason, Maschine, Hydrogen, Mandala and many more.

Bass Drums
265 samples – From funky deep low end trunk rattlers to industrial pulses.

225 samples – ultra tight, incredibly inventive snares for all genres of electronic music

241 samples – Some clean and simple, other’s complex and distorted. Our hats are totally fresh and inventive. Most of our hats are comprised of open/closed versions.

141 samples – From classic Simmonsesque to cutting edge glitched, you’ll find that many of our toms will work as bass drums or even snares.

82 samples – From 80’s arcade style fm to funky hip hop, infuse your muse with classic claps from our library.

67 samples – Our crashes totally deviate from anything you’ve heard before. From huge smashing particals of sound to blissful cloudlike textural flooding, you’ll find a superb variety of electronic long fade cymbal-esque-ness.

157 samples – Accent samples are percussive sounds that don’t quite fit into the other catagories. There is a very wide selection of interesting percussive type tones, textures, and microloops here.

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