Blip Drums Platinum Electronic Drum Samples

Download Blip Drums Platinum Electronic Drum Samples

Blip Drums is ecstatic to announce the release our latest collection of mind blowing electronic drum samples. One year in the making, our Platinum collection is a stunning array of modern electronic percussion tones and textures. Infuse your tired existing sample library with Platinum’s assortment of pounding essentric bass drums, crisp textural snares, pulse driven hats, future funked toms, and more!

Our Platinum Collection is 1000 electronic drum samples painstakingly recorded in 24bit using a combination of custom made analog circuitry combined with the latest digital sound design tools. Because many of our customers use legacy hardware like such as MPC series drum machines, we bundled our Platinum collection with a 16bit version of the collection.

The Platinum Collection includes:

270 Bass Drums
225 Snare Drums
75 Claps
192 Open and Closed Hats
97 Toms
146 Accents

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