Chet Smith Bass

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Chet Smith Electric Bass

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

810 files – 405 megs

Electric Bass Loops ranging from 90-149 bpm played by Chet Smith in a range of keys. Styles include lots of funk, some rock, and some spacey laid back ambient styles. There are also some FX licks and one shot stabs (not multi-samples).

All loops are completely acidized with the keys set. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo style and key to use in your song. Each folder generally explores one theme with lots of useful variations.

This collection contains the following products:
CSB A 16 Chet Smith
CSB B 16 Chet Smith
CSB C 16 Chet Smith
CSB D 16 Chet Smith
CSB E 16 Chet Smith
CSB F 16 Chet Smith
CSB G 16 Chet Smith
CSB H 16 Chet Smith

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