CS V1E 16 Cindee Sings 1.zip

Download CS V1E 16 Cindee Sings 1.zip

Cindee Sings Vol 1 Part E

Beautiful Female Vocal Loops

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

Part E contains: Jazzy Adlibs 73-111 bpm
70 files in 1 folder 42.6 megs

Cindee’s Vol 1 consists of: Female vocal loops sung by Cindee Noble. Tempos range from 70-160 bpm. The styles are soft rock, pop, ballad, jazzy, and some dance/techno vocals with trippy rhythmic FX. Ad libs without words is the primary focus within each genre, but there is a section of word phrases as well. Theres also a great section of female vocal harmonies (84-94 bpm) with lots of useful variations to each theme that show off Cindees beautiful vocal tones.

All loops are acidized with the tempos and number of beats noted in the filenames. The keys were purposely set at do not transpose since most programs do not transpose vocals well, and would be more of a hindrance than a help if the keys were set to transpose as the song changes keys. These files work better kept in their natural keys and can be transposed manually where applicable.

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