Dance Techno and Trance Build Ups and Breakdowns

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The French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy got it right: “Music is the space between the notes.” And he couldn’t know that one day, we’d all be dancing to repetitive electronic beats for hours on end. Today, music often happens in the space between the beats. “Epic BuildUps & Breakdowns” gives you all you need to fill that space with music!

This spanking new sample pack from Prime Loops gathers together 16 wholesome construction kits of trance – and dancefloor – inspired intros full of big-room energy, uplifting middleeights and truly majestic breakdowns ranging from 126 to 132 Bpm all of them are prepared for you to start easy and get to impressive results quick.

The 1.2 Gigabytes of sounds, samples and FX contained in this pack have been forged exclusively for your production work, providing top-notch quality without any royalty hassles whatsoever the same careless and productive attitude you’ve come to expect from Prime Loops. All files mastered professionally at 24Bit quality we humbly imagine even Debussy employing these were he still around.

Whether you’re searching for a subtle intro to inject atmosphere into your tracks or looking to create those special moments of a dancefloor uniting in arms aloft, this is the one you need. Full-on intro and breakdown kits put emphasis on any element you could wish for: Sweeping cosmic sounds, accelerating drum rolls, dreamy synth melodies, sudden bass attacks or wobbly outer-space FX.

Combine one-shots and construction kits according to your tastes and needs with the sheer multitude and versatility of “Epic BuildUps & Breakdowns”, the only way is up!

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