Darc Skreen 1 FX One Shots 24bit Apple Garageband .aif

Download Darc Skreen 1 FX One Shots 24bit Apple Garageband .aif

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Darc Skreen FX & One Shots Vol 1 – 550megs of fresh 24bit sounds. 467 files. All with key and tempo information where applicable. From Soundspice, the new brand of Jeff Rhodes ; the creator of ‘Ambient Glitch Vol 1-3’, and one half of the Perimeter Sound production label.

Darc Skreen is meant to help you take your tracks to exciting new places in sound. Add dynamics to your music with 4 organized folders of content : Drones – FX – Percussives – Upsweeps. The percussives folder includes loops & lots of one shots, and 109 sorted beat kit sounds including : Hats-Shakers, Kicks-Subs, Other & Combos, and Snares-Claps.

All styles of music can benefit from some extra flair, from the latest dance or dub styles, to ambient and more cinematic tracks. Darc Skreen has attention grabbing sounds, loud metallic clanks and synthetic explosions, and more subtle thrillers like quiet pulsing filtered drones, robotic and videogame sounds, and some of the most unique one-shot percussive samples you’ve heard in a long time. You just have to hear it for yourself. Darc Skreen wasn’t really meant to be used alone as much as it was designed to add highlights, underlines, and exclamation points to take your tracks to a whole new level. But definitely check out the mp3 demos to hear what can be done just straight out of the box. Please note that some of the beats heard in the demos are not included as loops in the set, because they were made using the one-shot samples to show what can be easily put together in your favorite sequencer.

And lastly, don’t forget to grab the free demo pack, it contains 10 of the entire collection ! They are yours to keep and use, free of any ‘demo’ restrictions. And if you find them useful in your work then come back and grab the full set on payday. I think you’ll find DS is a must-have for any modern producer. Thanks for taking a look & a listen.

Jeff – Soundspice

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