DC V1D 16 Dean Cortez Ambient Bass.zip

Download DC V1D 16 Dean Cortez Ambient Bass.zip

Dean Cortez Vol 1 Ambient Bass Part D

Ambient Bass Loops

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

Part D contains: Ambient Bass Lines B
66 files in 1 folder – 48.2 megs

Deans Vol 1 of Ambient Bass Loops is composed of: Ambient and FX Bass grooves ranging from 60-140 bpm in a range of keys. There are lots of synth pad sounding tones but played on the bass by journeyman bass player Dean Cortez through several different TC Electronics rack units. The G-Force, M2000, Fireworx, and Finalizer were utilized in combinations to get some of these more exotic tones. Lots of the material is very suitable for evocative film music, and somewhat similar to some of Pink Floyds moods. These are rockish, funky, and jazzy flavored ambient bass lines, slides, harmonics, and a section of wailin plucked hi notes, all played with the effects on during the sessions rather than added after, to allow Dean to use the feel of the FX while playing.

All loops are completely acidized with the keys set. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo style and key to use in your song. Each folder generally explores one theme with lots of useful variations.

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