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If youre looking to smash up the clubs with the hottest Dirty South sounds available, then have a listen to this brand new Sound Kit from Prime Loopsfeaturing the very best in samples for maximum impact, and the perfect platinum solution every time. Weve included the hottest most banginpure dirrrty club style Dirty South samples to get those heads noddin, and those bootys shakin!

Each beat, or groove contains around 10 20 matching loops, which comprise of all the individual elements, for example, dirty synth, bass, 808 drums, pad, orchestra stringsetcall pre-mastered & multi-tracked, so you can easily remix, mashup, arrange, and create the beats separate parts any way you wish slam them straight into the mix for instant results.no messing about!

All the Grooves included in this money-making sound suite are 100 Royalty free, so you can use them in your productions, and sell your beats without having to worry about sample clearance or license fees. The Grooves have been expertly pre-mastered to chart standards, recorded using the industries best synths and delivered in a variety of formats to enhance your production workflow.

Whether youre a DJ looking for fresh inspiration, Vocalist looking for new beats, or a mix-master Producer, this explosive new edition to our Grooves Series is guaranteed to bring the heat with 0ver 100 loops conveniently arranged into 10 killer Groove kits.

Check out the demo to get a feel for the explosive content to be found inside, and reach for the Platinum with Dirty South Club Grooves.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (166mb)
Acid Loops (117mb)
Akai MPC (230mb)
Apple Loops (117mb)
FL Studio (117mb)
Garageband (117mb)
and many, many more! 

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