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Cut right through the sticky, urban air with Prime Loops’ blazin hot “Dirty South Vocal Samples” collection! This is the ultimate one-stop shop for all the Dirty and Southern vocal hooks, group shouts, urban hype hooks and hip hop phrases you’ll ever need to make your tracks stand out!

The throaty yell of Lil Jon, the smooth braggadocio of T.I. or the self-conscious quips of Ludacris were some of the inspirations for these steaming 400+ shout-outs, phrases and stanzas. All files are delivered in true, relentless Dirty South fashion and have been arranged over 6 folders with names such as “Area Shouts“, “Dirty Hollas“, “Dirty Shots“, “Group Spittin‘”, “Smooth Talkin‘” and “Straight Shootin‘”!

For this one the Prime Loops team has brought no less than three top-notch MCs into the studio, each delivering a multitude of spoken gems that will instantly pimp up any track. Many of these vocal antics come in several variations, which makes this collection extremely versatile. All samples in this outspoken treasure trove have been recorded, edited and mastered by Prime Loops’ cunning sound specialists.

Needless to say, all of “Dirty South Vocal Samples” is 100 royalty-free, so you won’t have to worry about any sample clearances! Simply load these pre-formatted vocal patches into your favourite software sampler, or drag and drop the 24Bit samples files straight into any sequencer of your choice. Then, listen through, pick what you like, twist it to your tastes or not and enjoy the authentic Dirty South touch!

Whether you want to be the next Luke Skywalker with some extra-fast 2 Live Crew-embracing Miami Bass beats or slow things down in a Codeine-induced ‘Chopped and Screwed’ style vocal cords really can’t get much more Southern and Dirty than this! And even if you’re coming from any other genre, such as house, dance or electro: with this straight-up selection of southern hooks and hype vocals you’re sure to add a right street edge to your tracks!

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