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Hip Hop Workshop gathered some Disco Drums and will offer them for a limited time. Just to see if y’all are interested in making disco influenced tracks! So here it is… Disco Drums DeeLite 057 Disco Bass Drums 051 Disco Snare Drums 060 Disco Closed HiHats 024 Disco Open HiHats 048 Disco Claps 033 Disco Cymbals 016 Disco Tambourines 016 Disco Shakers 014 Disco Toms 019 Disco Extra Percussion 009 Disco FX 347 Disco Drum Sounds!!! Download the preview of Disco Drums Deelite, start making a disco beat and you’ll find your self hooked! Import them on your MV8000/MV8800, Phantom, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC4000, HALion (VSTi) or any other hardware or software sampler and you have crystal clrear drums along with the thickness and crispiness of these drums!!! All are guaranteed to rock you. What are you waiting for? A pack of cigarettes cost more than 7 bucks! Disco Drums Deelite are only $9.99!!! BUY NOW AND GET INSTANT DOWNLOAD LINK !!! All drum sounds are in 44.1Khz 16bit wav format and are compatible with mostly any system. Buyer will receive a link RIGHT AFTER payment. Payments made by paypal only. Check out our other items! We got great drums at great prices!

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