DJ Jazzy Jeff & Michael Jackson – He´s The King, I´m The DJ

Download DJ Jazzy Jeff & Michael Jackson – He´s The King, I´m The DJ

I did it exactly as I would play it out live, Jeff explained. I kind of wanted to give a feel like you heard it in a club. I didnt necessarily want to go in a certain order, cause everybody in the world plays certain Michael Jackson songs. And I wanted to play songs that not everyone plays, play some obscure album cuts. And if you listen to it, I have some a capella and versions of songs that not everyone had heard. So, I kind of wanted to mix it up and keep people off guard. Just give them an example of all that Michael was like.

After Mike passed, I really started digging, and I found a bunch of stuff that I didnt know Mike had, especially with the Jackson 5, Jeff told MTV News. He had a whole bunch of albums that go completely past people. I think people just go for [popular songs like] I Want You Back, Never Can Say Goodbye and there was a bunch of obscure albums that all had really good stuff on them. Then it was hard, because I wanted to keep it one CD and not make it a Mike anthology. I wanted to just make it something that was entertaining, that you could just play from the beginning to end. [MTV]

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