DL V1A 16 Drum Lang 80 108 bpm.zip

Download DL V1A 16 Drum Lang 80 108 bpm.zip

Drum Languge
Vol 1 Part A

Exotic Drum Loops

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

Part A contains: Expressive Drum Loops
in 5 folders : Deep Mover, Groove Hopper, EZ Growler, Swingin Perc Trip, and Block n Shaker Triplets
122 files – 67.3 megs
91-106 bpm

Drum Language Volume 1 in it’s entirety contains evocative drum grooves from 80-108 bpm. There are Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funky, Film, RnB, and Latin drum grooves and mixes. The mixes are composed of layers of the individual grooves on the disc and provided as additional individual loops. Each groove is provided with lots of variations. These are not your everyday drum loops. These grooves create moods.

All loops are completely acidized. The tempos are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo and style to use in your song. Each folder generally explores one theme with lots of useful variations.

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