DR DRE Soundfonts sf2 EXTRA PACK Instruments

Download DR DRE Soundfonts sf2 EXTRA PACK Instruments


This sound pack contains a full collection of soundfonts (sf2) similar to those used when DR DRE creating his beats;
– Dr Dre Bells
– Dr Dre Organs
– Dr Dre Brass
– Dr Dre Horns
– Dr Dre Strings
– Dr Dre Violins
– Dr Dre Choirs
– Dr Dre Pizzicatos
– Dr Dre Pads
– Dr Dre Orchestra Hits
– Dr Dre Pianos
– Dr Dre Vocals
– Dr Dre Trombone
– Dr Dre Guitars
– Dr Dre Cello

…and more cool soundfonts for your hip hop music production.

A SoundFont is a brand name that collectively refers to a file format and associated technology designed to bridge the gap between recorded and synthesized audio, especially for the purposes of computer music composition.

SoundFonts can work with these samplers:

* Audigy/SBLive!
* Reason NN-XT
* Kontakt
* Halion
* EXS-24
* VSampler
* Gigasampler Gigastudio Orion
* FL Studio
* Live synth Pro
* SFZ Sampler

Size: 358 MB (85 Soundfonts Files)

Note: sound pack is delivered electronically.

We highly suggest the use of WinRar for extracting compressed files.

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