Drums ´n´ Breaks Volume One

Download Drums ´n´ Breaks Volume One

Download Demo:Have you ever wondered how beatmakers/producers like DJ Premier, Muggs, RZA, The Alchemist or Kanye West come up with their drums? The secret is here! They find drum breaks and they just chop the Bass Drum, the Snare or the HiHats… Thats why they drums sound almost like live drums but you know they made them on an mpc, sp or asr…. So, as a bonus, the same work has been done for you here. Weve chopped the BDs, SNs and HHs from these breaks, so you dont only pay for these 37 rare drum loops but for the single drums that come out of em as well. Dusted Breaks vol.1 Sampled from vinyl records. This compilation contains: 37 Dusted Drum Breaks 172 Dusted BDs 101 Dusted SNs 113 Dusted HHs 423 Dusted Drum Files Download thje preview of the Dusted Breaks vol.1 Correct me if im wrong, but this is a great offer especially for young beatmakers who are now collecting the drums that will follow their beatmaking path. > > > CRATE DIGGING HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY < < < PLUS I will give away a tip for the young ones: There are toy beatmakers out there that say they have 10,000 and 10,000 snares… In reality, established producers only use about 10 to 50 BDs, 10-50 SNs and so on… and they just recycle them and change their library maybe every other season or on every other project they be working on. I’ve seen this in studios… Beatmakers using only 10 BDs and 13 SNs and maybe 10HHs for a whole album… They just EQ them and compress them differently on each track… With this industry secret revealed and these vinyl drums you got all you need for many many projects/records. Copy-Paste into another folder the drums you like and use most. Make other smaller drum kits out of these drums. By customizing this drum collection you will get familiar with the big amount of drums we offer. We advise you to use the same kits you’ve created over and over for a period of time. This way you will get familiar with the enormous number of drums and you will have your own signature on the beats you make. Cos thats the key! Use the same sounds through a period of time and your style will be noticed in your hood, your city or the network youre about to build!!!

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