Dub Layers (ACID/WAV)

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Fix-A-Flat Productions presents DUB LAYERS. This 1.5GB collection of construction-kits with hard-hitting elements (drums, bass, piano, guitar, synth and more) offers the dub producer a thoughtful and creative set of arrangements and foundations to work from.

DUB LAYERS includes 24-bit ACID/WAV format. Featuring a hard-hitting collection of nasty dub elements.

This 1.5 GB library consists of 15 quality construction-kits with each kit containing 3 mixes, 3 drum mixes, drum hits and deconstructed loop components (drum layers, bass, keys, guitar, synth and more).

With a total of 270 drum hits and nearly 400 loops, this collection is a strong addition to the dub producers studio.



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