Dubstep Drum Kit Download One Hits

Download Dubstep Drum Kit Download One Hits


Download thisĀ Dubstep Drums KIT and you will find perfect whenever you need to create a new dubstep beat track.

The content can also be used in genres like Drum and Bass, Industrial, Techno, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and many more styles besides, as well as being ideal for Horror Movies.

These Dubstep Drums Kit is fully compatible with all current Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). You can load them into Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Battery, Garage Band and others.

– Dubstep Kicks
– Dubstep Snares
– Dubstep Claps
– Dubstep Crashes
– Dubstep Effects
– Dubstep Percussions

Genres: Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop
Formats: Wav
Size: 50 Mb

Note: This sound pack is electronically delivered so once the purchase is made you will get an email with download link.

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