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Put your fingers in the socket and throw the switch, Samples Loops are delivering the high-voltage vibes to engergise your next dancefloor construction. Hook yourself up and download this electrifying storm of stomping rhythms and searing synths, expertly generated and perfectly regulated by four-to-the-floor fanatic Frederik Mooij.

This fully remixable pack contains a complete selection no-nonsense electro house elements, with straight-up beats, punchy kicks, swinging hats and sidechained pads, all broken down into a flexible folder structure to let you raise the pressure even further with your sequencer. Featuring 240 separated drum and synth loops locked at 128Bpm, boosted by 98 one-shot drum and fx sounds, you can pick and choose layers to construct your own disco devastation machine without feeling the restrictions of premixed loops.

All the basslines and synths come with several increasingly twisted variations to push your arrangement forward, building tension towards the perfect drop. What’s more, all the files are clearly tagged with chord progression information to help you add your own layers to the mix. The drum loops come with separate kicks, tops and one-shots, so you can cut, paste and program the hell out of them. Completing the picture, we added a nasty selection of expertly programmed SFX loops with filtered risers and swooshes, giving you that extra euphoric release when the drums kick in.

Created using a totally professional combination of Moog hardware and the latest software synths, this is a refreshingly innovative stockpile of instantly inspirational and fully charged components, ready for assembly in your personal power station. All our packs are pre-formatted for any workflow, backed by our famous triple-quality guarantee and supplied with an unlimited royalty-free license. The future development and direction of electro-house is in your hands, so you better hope your audience are ready for this heavy selection of “Electro House Shoxx”!

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (107mb)
Acid Loops (170mb)
Apple Loops (171mb)
Garageband (171mb)
Reason Refill (186mb)
Rex2 Loops (96mb)
Stylus RMX Loops (96mb)
WAV + REX2 (267mb)

and many, many more! 

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