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“Nitro: Remix Synths” is one of the most upfront synth sample packs available on the market today. With over 2,700 files, and 500+ professional remix synth patches, this is a mammoth release, and the ultimate collection of chemical, up to the moment synths for your remixes and releases.

We used a vast amount of hardware analogue synthesizers in the creation of this sample pack, these include the Access Virus, Korg MS2000, Roland Juno 106, Roland Alpha Juno, Microkorg, Korg 03W, Reese, Korg Prophecy, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland MC303, Roland JP8000 and many more.

All of the sounds have been tried, tested and manipulated for maximum impact at our state-of-the-art recording laboratory in crystal clear 24-bit audio, so you can experience the full power of the each sound to the core.

This is an advanced collection of upfront, assertive sounds that will cut through any mix and is one of our favourite releases to date. We are confident you will find the 500+ highly developed synths unique, and extremely valuable. “Nitro: Remix Synths” has been specifically designed to give you the edge over other remixers, and is also perfectly suited to top-notch releases in a vast array of styles such as electro, drum n bass, house, techno, dubstep, breaks, main room, big beat or any other modern electronic music styles.

We are proud to present this sonic overdose to assault your senseswith edgy chemical leads, brutal subby basses, utterly addictive pads, crystal coated synths, downright rude hits, stabs and chords; and piercing synth leads bursting with raw attitude… inject these into your mix for instant results.

From the classic analogue pads of the 80’s, to liquid ecstasy infused 90’s techno and filthy drum n’ bass sequences, right through to the twisted hybrid electro mash-ups of early 2000 and beyond”Nitro: Remix Synths” is the ultimate producer’s synth collection, and a must have for any serious artist ready to sculpt the sound of the future.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

EXS24 (414mb)
Halion (414mb)
Kontakt (414mb)
Reason Refill (144mb)
Sonar SFZ (414mb)

and many, many more! 

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