Electronic Rhythm Construction(WAV/REX2)

Download Electronic Rhythm Construction(WAV/REX2)

Download Demo:ELECTRONIC RHYTHM CONSTRUCTION is designed to give you the ability to create an infinite number of different electronic drumloops of your own.

This pack contains individual drum loop parts featuring kicks, snares, hi-hats and percussion loops. You can mix and match them to build your own rhythms for a wide range of electronic music genres.

These grooves have all been recorded at 60 BPM so you can use them for downbeat styles like Ambient, Trip-Hop, Experimental… and increase the tempo up to 160 for more upbeat styles like Breakbeat, Drum ‘n’ Bass… without affecting the audio quality. The loops are presented in WAV and REX2 formats.

If you create electronic music(Hip-Hop, Ambient, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Dub, IDM, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Electro, etc…), in this pack you’ll have endless of groove combinations possibilities!!


– Add the individual Hi-Hats, Snare drum, Kick drum or Percussion parts to separate tracks;

– Adjust volume levels to each track;

– Add effects to individual instrument sounds;

– Pan individual instrument sounds.


– 86 Kick Drum Loops in WAV and REX2 formats;

– 115 Snare Drum Loops in WAV and REX2 formats;

– 105 Hi-Hat Loops in WAV and REX2 formats;

– 63 Percussion Loops in WAV and REX2 formats.

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