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Achtung, Achtung! You are just about to fill the arena with guaranteed heart-pumping, crowd jumping, hands in the air euphoria.
Inside you will find an inspiring selection of over 150 spine-tingling synth loops ranging from 127 to 140 bpm, and the awesomely flexible bonus of more than 10 separated chord kits for building your own roof-raising progressions. All the files are preformatted for your favourite sampler or sequencer, and backed by our triple-quality check system and royalty-free licence, making this download the no-worries-way to take your ideas to the most professional level.

Prime Loops’ resident producer David Rose (“Da Sound Of Bounce”, “Filter House Attack” & “Progressive Synthesis”) has tweaked and pushed these pads into orbit, utilising the whole sonic spectrum and keeping the sound clean, sharp and instantly uplifting. The wide range of tempos and moods makes this download suitable for all anthemic dance music styles from nu-era hip-house to dubstep, adding a contemporary commercial shine to your productions, no matter what direction you’re coming from.

It’s time to hit the big-time and spread your love around the world, and now you have the tools. All the hi-nrg hooks in this pack have been expertly compressed and gated for that superfat full-impact style – and every RatioPad is primed and ready to storm any radio station or superclub…. The only problem is that you might find it difficult to work while you are dancing so hard in the studio!

This is the .wav edition. 

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (246mb)
Acid Loops (308mb)
Apple Loops (309mb)
FL Studio (308mb)
Garageband (309mb)
Rex2 Loops (212mb)
Roland Fantom X (308mb)
Roland MC909 (308mb)
Roland MV8000 (308mb)
Roland MV8800 (308mb)
Stylus RMX Loops (212mb)
WAV + REX2 (520mb)

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