GD V4F 16 Acous Gtr 85 120

Download GD V4F 16 Acous Gtr 85 120

Greg Diaz Acoustic Guitar
Vol 4 Part F

Amplified Acoustic Guitar Loops

16 bit acid loops

Part F contains: 84-120 bpm
124 files in 8 folders 51.1 megs

Guitarist Greg Diaz plays amplified Acoustic Guitar Volume 4 at tempos from 83-120 bpm. These loops include strumming, finger picking, and a punchy style that combines plucking, picking and strumming. The style is mostly pop-rock with a little folk, country and a hint of bluesy and jazzy here and there. A TC Electronic G-Force was utilized to get the tones that were achieved. There are lots of variations on similar themes on this disc. The feels range from sweetly soft and gentle to strongly rhythmic. A variety of keys are included. Many of the chords and chord combinations are played multiple ways within the same context, allowing you to create very natural realistic chord changes without any redundancy. Each file names the chord or chords in their order, and the keys are set to the first chord in the file. Layering the files allows you to create an immense variety of more complex chords and strumming and picking patterns, and the files are all played tightly in the pocket allowing them to work well together rhythmically. This technique was used in several of the demo songs from each of the different volumes (click on the weblink below if you’d like to preview the demos). See if you can tell where the layering was used.?.!

All loops are completely acidized. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo, key and style to use in your song. Each folder generally explores one theme with lots of useful variations.

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