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Download Demo:Havoc is renowned among serious hip-hop fans as one of the prominent figures during the East Coast Renaissance in the mid 1990s
for his hard-hitting and stripped-down beats complementary to the RZA’s work on Wu-Tang Clan projects.
Following The Infamous, he tweaked his skills and transitioned to a more atmospheric production style
that incorporated samples from classical music, most notably visible on the album Hell on Earth.

Today, Havoc has ventured to a more mainstream approach in his beats. Therefore the hard-gritty sound is still there!
If one is influenced by Havoc, he should have both grimey hard drum sounds as well as sharp club banger drums…

Well, if you’re reading this right now y’all already know what im talking about…

This compilation contains:

210 Havoc Snare Drums
150 Havoc Bass Drums
105 Havoc Closed HiHats
050 Havoc Claps
035 Havoc Open HiHats
027 Havoc Shakers
021 Havoc Rims
020 Havoc Rides
020 Havoc Crashes
019 Havoc Percussion
015 Havoc Tambourines
672 Havoc Drum Sounds!!!

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