Hip Hop Loops Set 4

Download Hip Hop Loops Set 4

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Don’t wait to get your hip hop loops in the mail. We offer instant download on our loop sets. This hip hop loops set contains 5 different beats made up of over 50 loops. This enables you, the producer, to use just the drums, or just the melody. You are also able to take certain parts in and out (ie: kick, snare, hi hat, bass, synth, piano, strings, etc.) to build the structure of the song you are creating. There are 5 beat folders in this set and each individual element of the beat is within these folders. You will get the drum loops and all melody loops separately so that you can modify the beat to your liking. Build verses and choruses where you want! You can also just use the beat and write your own melody to it, or just use the melody and write your own beat to it. All loops are in .WAV format so they will work in most common samplers such as: Reason, Fruity Loops, Acid, etc. These loops are 100 Royalty-Free!

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