HV1 F 16 Hilarious 1.zip

Download HV1 F 16 Hilarious 1.zip

Hilarious Vol 1
Part F

Hilarious Laughter Loops

16 bit acid loops

Part F contains:
61 files in 1 folder – 45.6 megs
at a wide range of bpm
These are rhythmic dub style laughs also included in the Ijah’s Bag disc.

The whole disc contains:
Hilarious loops of laughter, that actually loop to the rhythm of the beat. The laughter of small children and the laughter of adult children as well. These are not just any laughs only the tummy ticklers that sync to the beat are included. Also included is a folder (61 files) of rhythmic dub laughs with tripped out FX on them- for Dance, Techno, Electro or any other electronic music genres. These loops put a smile on just about anyones face.

All the loops are acidized to loop in sync with the beat of your song.

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