Ijahs Bag – 24 bit files

Download Ijahs Bag – 24 bit files

Ijah’s Bag

Ijah’s Bag – Female Vocal Loops

24 bit acid loops

756 files – 635 megs
75-150 bpm

These are female vocal loops sung by Ijah. Tempos range from 75-150 bpm. The styles range from soothing classical to jazzy, to trippy echoes, to soft background vocals, to harmonies (very nice!) including lots of useful variations and the individual solo tracks as well.
A bonus folder included on this 16 bit version is rhythmic dub laughs, a trippy laughter folder that has laughter that loops in sync with the beat. This folder is also included on Hilarious Volume 1 and is included here because it came from Ijahs vocal track in a song that she couldnt stop laughing in. There isnt enough room to fit it on the 24 bit version of this title so its included as a bonus on the 16 bit disc.

All of these loops are acidized. Most files have the tempos noted in the filenames. The keys were purposely set at do not transpose since most programs do not transpose vocals well, and would do more harm than good if the keys were set to transpose as the song changes keys. These work better kept in their natural key or can be transposed manually where applicable.

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