JB V4F 16 Hendrix Style.zip

Download JB V4F 16 Hendrix Style.zip

Jeff Ballew’s Guitar Loops Vol 4 Part F

Hendrix Style Guitar Loops

Acidized Loops – 16 bit files

Part F contains:
100 files in 1 folder – 66.9 megs
80-150 bpm

Hendrix style electric guitar leads and rhythms played by Jeff Ballew. Tempos range from 80-150 bpm. None of the material copies any of Jimis licks note for note. Rather they were intended to be as if Jimi were re-improvising some of his classic songs. If you didnt know otherwise you might think some of these licks were taken from a Hendrix jam. Theyre that well done. And for the record theyre all being played by Jeff Ballew. It would be pretty difficult to find anyone else who could play Jimis style better than this. Jeff really shines on this one.

All the loops are completely acidized. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo, key and style to use in your song. Both rhythms and leads are noted in the files and folder names to make it easier to find which you are looking for.

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