Jeff Ballew Vol 5 Blues n Rhytm n Blues Guitar

Download Jeff Ballew Vol 5 Blues n Rhytm n Blues Guitar

Jeff Ballew’s Guitar Loops Vol 5

Blues and Rhythm & Blues Electric Guitar Loops

16 bit – Acidized Loops

633 files – 403 megs
80-130 bpm

Blues and Rhythm & Blues electric guitar by Jeff Ballew. The Blues section has 407 files in 13 folders and the Rhythm & Blues section has 225 files in 11 folders. The Rhythm & Blues that is being played here is the classic original Rhythm & Blues that is an offshoot of traditional blues, as opposed to the modern RnB style. Theres a rock flavor to a lot of it- Jeff Ballew style. Jeffs energy really stands out in just about any song. His complex rhythms drive the songs and his leads really strike like lightning. It just doesnt get much better than this.

All the loops are completely acidized. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo, key and style to use in your song. Both rhythms and leads are noted in the files and folder names to make it easier to find which you are looking for.

This collection contains the following products:
JB V5A 16
JB V5B 16
JB V5C 16
JB V5D 16
JB V5E 16
JB V5F 16
JB V5G 16 Rhythm n
JB V5H 16 Rhythm n

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