Korg Z3 Guitar Synthesizer Owner´s Manual

Download Korg Z3 Guitar Synthesizer Owner´s Manual

The Korg Z3 is the long lost, forgotten child of the excitement of the late eighties boom in guitar synthesizers. For those used to hearing classic analog tones from Roland guitar synthesizers, the Z3 offers a surprise: the unmistakable sound of FM synthesis!

# Yamaha FM Synthesis
# Built-in Reverb
# Built-in Tuner
# Multi-timbral operation (allowing each string to play a different sound)
# Easy front-panel access to most frequently used functions
# Responds only to Master volume commands, ignores all guitar controller information, CV knobs, bender-arm, etc.
# Front panel guitar input connector will not accept first generation Roland locking cables!
# Sound Patch Editing only through Software
# Limited editing for Programs (basic string settings, etc)
# Useable as MIDI sound module (disables Guitar Synthesizer input)
# Synthesizer Off foot switch input
# Foot switch inputs for Patch Up and Down
# Dedicated Hold foot switch input (like Ibane)

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