Line 6 GuitarPort Tone Set #4 (Bass) POD Farm Gearbox

Download Line 6 GuitarPort Tone Set #4 (Bass) POD Farm Gearbox

Tone Set #4 Bass РGearbox Presets 
128 Categorized Presets For All Gearbox & POD Farm Line 6 .l6t File Format Products. 

This pack contains 128 presets in 4 categories, specifically made for bass guitar. Clean (18 presets), Funk (30 presets), Metal – Alternative (35 presets), Rock – Blues (45 presets). Just to make it double clear, this pack is for Bass guitar. Were I a better bassist, I probably would’ve made a 2nd pack of these, but, since I just wanted to make absolutely sure I made one good pack for the real bass players, you get the best of the best here. I spent longer on this pack than on any 2 of the guitar packs, nearly 1/4 of the presets were tested and commented on by 2 other musicians/bass players during their creation, and I can only tell you how much better I think that made them sound overall. I could go on and tell you what or who these might make you sound like, but hey, grab the free sample presets, and you tell me.

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