Loop Unit – Pro Bass Loops – Low Down Thumpin´ (WAV/REX)

Download Loop Unit – Pro Bass Loops – Low Down Thumpin´ (WAV/REX)

Download Demo:

The bass is the solid soul that grips the beats, instruments and samples in one fat stranglehold, without a good bass presence in the mix your beats won’t sound as heavy, punchy or professional as your rival beat makers, its as simple as that. Every single pro producer has a solid collection of tight bass sounds they use to get that genuine booming “hip hop” sound. Get your collection right here, right now!

The loops contained within this monster pack and have been played and recorded using some of the greatest bass and synths available right now including the Waldorf Pulse, Novation Bass Station and the well known industry respected Korg Prophecy..

There are a wide variety of playing styles and techniques in this heavyweight package including lots of heavy, dark, electronic and even some rock bass lines. Don’t forget we also include a few Fender Precision bass loops played by the guy next door (totally nuts musical genius) recorded through a lovely 4×10″ & 15 HH rig alongside a Sentex DI box.

*Real Low End Bass Hip Hop Lines
*20khz Cut For More Headroom In Your Mixes Without Losing Presence
*Analogue & Electronic and Bass Loops
*Played With Both Pick and Thumb Techniques
*Lightly Compressed For Maximum Sustain
*Limited to -3db For A Bigger Sound

So there you have it, one of the finest collections of phat Hip Hop bass loops around, perfect for any style or speed of Hip Hop production. Download now or order the CD by next day delivery and transform your beats into low end monsters!

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