Loop Unit – Pro Bass Loops – Stax & Motown Bass (WAV/REX)

Download Loop Unit – Pro Bass Loops – Stax & Motown Bass (WAV/REX)

Download Demo:This fantastic collection offers authentic bass loops in the style of vintage heavy Soul from the late 1960s and early 70s. From crackling 45 vinyl loops to the clean and warm classic Detroit studio sound, Stax & Motown bass loops offers rare bass lines and bass tones that are not to be missed!

“Bass players call from all over, wanting to know what type of equipment I use, what type of bass, what kind of strings– things like that. I’ll tell them, but that’s not what’s important; it’s the feel. The strings don’t make the sound, it’s the feel. It’s all in here, in the heart…”
James Jamerson, Bass Legend 1979

Don’t get it twisted though! these are not just Motown style bass loops. Contained within this pack you will find deep tight simple loops perfect for adding weight and warmth to any beat plus various useable bass tones, Pete Rock/J Dilla style progressions, bass effects and just about every other tool for adding presence to your mixes. A must buy for any low end lover.

*Real Low End Bass Hip Hop Lines
*20khz Cut For More Headroom In Your Mixes Without Losing Presence
*Analogue & Electronic and Bass Loops
*Played With Both Pick and Thumb Techniques
*Lightly Compressed For Maximum Sustain
*Limited to -3db For A Bigger Sound

So there you have it, one of the finest collections of phat Hip Hop bass loops around, perfect for any style or speed of Hip Hop production. Download now and transform your beats into low end monsters!

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