Loop Unit – Pro Hip Hop Drums – DJ Premier (WAV)

Download Loop Unit – Pro Hip Hop Drums – DJ Premier (WAV)

Download Demo:DJ Premier is an American record producer and DJ, and the instrumental half of the duo Gang Starr, together with MC Guru on the lyrical side. Originally from Houston, he has lived in Brooklyn, New York virtually his entire professional career. He is hailed as an architect of “hardcore East Coast hip-hop known by its heavy drums and sparse loops.”

Premier’s signature style is, essentially, a two-bar break to make up the rhythms of his tracks, and a scratched chorus. His early Gang Starr work relies heavily on melodic samples, but starting with Jeru’s The Sun Rises in the East in 1994, he began to use ominous atonal samples as well. (These may have been inspired by the atonal piano samples that figured heavily in Wu-Tang Clan’s groundbreaking debut, 1993’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

One notable exception to Premier’s style is his more varied beat from Nas’ classic track, “Represent”; the chorus is much more musically distinct from the verses than is typical for him. Also, though most of Premier’s tracks contain the crackles and pops from the records he samples, he has employed more polished beats in his more mainstream productions.

*20 PHAT Premo Snares
*20 Pounding Kick Drums
*20 Golden Hi-Hats (open and closed)
*20 90’s Style Shakers
*10 Crash and Ride Cymbals
*Plus Various Instrument Hits

This is the bottom line right here! if YOU want your beats to have the exact same sound, impact and presence as the “king of the beats” Premo then you need this kit right now!

Accept no imitations…

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