Loop Unit – Pro Sound FX – Urban & City FX (WAV/REX)

Download Loop Unit – Pro Sound FX – Urban & City FX (WAV/REX)

Download Demo:

Add amazing atmospheric urban sound effects to your musical projects right now with this fantastic collection of exclusive street and city sound effects. This huge library contains everything you need to finish of that bangin mixtape you’ve been working on or utilise it to add that final sparkle to your singles & album releases.
That’s not all, these samples are perfect for any film projects, music videos, commercials or any media project that requires authentic city and street sounds as there are literally hundreds of effects to choose from ranging from bustling city streets, crowded bars, traffic noise and so much more.

*Traffic Noise FX (Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Skids, Crashes, Horns)
*City Atmospheric Effects (Public Parks, City Streets, Subways)
*Bars & Nightclub Samples (People, Glasses, Talking)
*Outdoor Sports FX (Basketball, Football, Skateboarding)
*Audience Samples (Cheering, Shouting, Laughing, Arguing)
*Shops & Business Effects (Cash Registers, ATM’s, Elevators)
*Police Atmospherics (Radio Chatter, Vehicles)

This feature packed collection of big city sound effects is perfect for finishing off that bangin new mixtape, great for adding a touch of atmosphere and life to an album and not forgetting this sample pack is brilliant for websites, pro & amateur videos and much much more…

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