Loop Unit – Pro String Loops – Sweeping Soul (WAV/REX)

Download Loop Unit – Pro String Loops – Sweeping Soul (WAV/REX)

Download Demo:This extensive string loop collection is a quality blend of lush soul orchestra loops, funk strings and 70’s string synth samples. Whether you’re mixing these samples into your latest club banger or adding an orchestral backing to a serious Hp Hop production, these stunning, rich and funky string loops will push your beats up to a whole new level.

Listen to any style of Hip Hop over the last 20 years and you’ll find a large portion of the beats feature strings and orchestration heavily, Dipset wouldn’t have half the impact without all those soul stabs, as would Just Blaze, Kanye West and a whole host of others. Oh! think Dr Dre minus his string melodies…

Just imagine your latest hot beat is nearly finished yet it lacks a bit of punch, you don’t want to take to much away from the main melody but you don’t want to busy the mix either, add some quality string stabs to match the kick drum and feel the track boom instantly. You need to add some moody tension to that storytelling joint ya making, what do you do? Drop a hint of a warm reverberated violin section in the background and your jobs done. Let your tools match your imagination.

*Fantastic Orchestra Loops
*Funk String Section Loops
*Deep Soul String Progressions
*Energetic Just Blaze Type Stabs & Melodies
*Chart Friendly Solo Lines
*Slow Jam Soul Sequences
*Plucked & Pizzicato Hip Hop String Loops
*A Large Variety Of Moods
*A Large Variety Of Tempos

So there you have it, if you want some of the best string loops around to enhance your productions at a realistic price, this is the pack for you!!!

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