LTBz FL Studio Tutorials + Dre, Synth & South Kits

Download LTBz FL Studio Tutorials + Dre, Synth & South Kits

Get all 3 Fruity Loops tutorials including the video, hands-on, and ebook lessons plus more than 3,000 samples to make your music with. Click on the links to see the full description.

Learn how to chop samples, sample midis, mix down songs, import wavs, make patterns, use the piano roll and much more! This is a HUGE collection so high speed internet connection is recommended for downloads.

Need some help making beats with FL Studio??

Don’t know how to chop samples??

I’m offering to share some of my knowledge to help my fellow FL producers who want to get started with FL Studio. I run down the basics in this tutorial for all you newbies out there so you can get started ASAP! In this tutorial I run down:

* Starting FL for the first time
* Chopping Samples
* Stretching Audio
* Sample Cutting
* And Drum Programming

You’ll be able to follow me “Step by Step” as we build our knowledge and hands on experience together through each video. Each video is perfectly organized and structured for the FL Studio newbie in mind. I promise not to teach you how to divide until you can add and subtract like a pro…..Sound easy enough?

Not only is Fruity Loops Made Easy in an incredibly easy to follow video based format, but we’ve recently re-recorded ALL videos into a new “wide-screen format” so that you can see the entire screen, which helps you learn easier and faster!

Videos Include: 

* *Video 1. System Settings
* *Video 2. Using The Step Sequencer
* *Video 3. The Piano Roll Environment
* *Video 4. Using the Speech Synthesizer
* *Video 5. Using .Wav Files
* *Video 6. Song Mode Environment
* *Video 7. Using the Mixer
* *Video 8. Saving & Exporting Files
* *Video 9. Extra Tips & Techniques
* *Video 10. Free Bonuses

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