LTBz Soulja Boy Kit + FL Studio Tutorial Videos, Flps & Ebook

Download LTBz Soulja Boy Kit + FL Studio Tutorial Videos, Flps & Ebook

Get hours of tutorial videos, hands on tutorials, a FL Studio ebook guide and Soulja Boy Style Samples to get you started!
This collection contains the following products:
LTBz Crank Dat Wav Sample Kit
LTBz Guide to FL Studio Ebook
LTBz Fruity Loops Tutorial + Samples
Fruity Loops Made Easy Video Downloads
This is easily the largest FL Studio Tutorial Collection online! Finally, A Simple and Easy Way for Anyone To Become a Fruity Loops Expert! With Fruity Loops Made Easy & LTBz FL Studio Tutorials, you are getting a massive collection of raw fruity loops lessons, step by step instructions, videos, ebook, flps, industry tips, tricks, wav samples and more!
This is the amazing collection of items you get when purchasing:
1. Hands-On Fruity Loops Hip Hop Tutorial
2. Beginners Guide to FL Studio Production Ebook
3. Video 1. System Settings
4. Video 2. Using The Step Sequencer
5. Video 3. The Piano Roll Environment
6. Video 4. Using the Speech Synthesizer
7. Video 5. Using .Wav Files
8. Video 6. Song Mode Environment
9. Video 7. Using the Mixer
10. Video 8. Saving & Exporting Files
11. Video 9. Extra Tips & Techniques
12. Video 10. Free Bonuses
13. LTBz Crack Muzik Vol 1 Sample Kit
14. 2 Bonus Wav Sample Kits
Learn how to chop samples, sample midis, mix down songs, import wavs, make patterns, use the piano roll and much more! This is a HUGE collection so high speed internet connection is recommended for downloads.
This Collection Contains the Following Products:
* LTBz FL Studio Hands-On Hip Hop Tutorials
* Fruity Loops Made Easy Video Tutorials
* LTBz Beginners Guide to FL Studio Production Ebook
* Crack Muzik Vol 1 Wav Sample Kit
LTBz Soulja Style Kit:
159 One Shot High Quality Wavs in 2 Folders
Get Heavy Bass Kicks & Subs, Crisp Snaps & Claps,
Crazy Synth Hits, Tight Hi Hats & More!
Soulja Boy is blowin up right now with his catchy beats, now you can get the samples that made him a star. Download the kit now and get started on your own ringtone & club bangers.
This is an Instant Download Item which means you get access to your sample kit right after you pay!

LTBProductionz Wav Sample Kits are Recorded in 16bit 44kHz wav Format and Can Be Used In: Cubase, Fruity Loops, Sony ACID, Reason, Pro Tools, Apple Logic, Kontakt, Intakt, Flstudio, Garage Band, Reaktor, Recycle, Cool Edit, Cakewalk Sonar, Sound Forge, Nuendo, Halion, FL Studio, MPC60, MPC3000, MPC2000XL, MPC1000, MPC500, MPC2500, AKAI Samplers, MPC 2000, MPC 3000, MPC 4000, MPC 1000, Korg Triton, Fruityloops, Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600, ASR10, ASR-X, Roland Samplers, MC 909, SP 808, MV 8000, Yamaha Samplers & Any Wav Compatible Hardware or Software.

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