MIDI Keys Bass 3: Trance (MIDI Loops)

Download MIDI Keys Bass 3: Trance (MIDI Loops)

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‘MIDI Keys Bass 3: Trance’ contains 50 MIDI bass loops ranging from 4 to 8 bars in length. Programmed to the highest level possible this collection is a must for anyone wishing to produce authentic Trance grooves.

As virtually all Trance music is created on keyboards and synthesizers we felt that using MIDI as the format for this pack was essential. The sheer flexibility of MIDI allows you to first and foremost choose your own sound and also change the key signature, tempo and even the riff itself to make it unique to you!

Simply import the MIDI file onto a MIDI Instrument track in your sequencer and select your synthesizer or instrument plug in of choice to play back the loop. What could be easier? The hard work has already been done!

To demonstrate some of the loops in the preview track Smash Up The Studio have used bass sounds from Spectrasonics Trilogy and from Logic Pro 9 ES2 synth and EXS24 sampler.


‘MIDI Keys Bass 3: Trance’ was performed and produced by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio. All of these MIDI loops are royalty free.



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