MIDI LOOPS Ultimate Producer Pack

Download MIDI LOOPS Ultimate Producer Pack


‘MIDI Loops Ultimate Producer Pack‘ features melodic and rhythmic MIDI loops allowing producers to use their favorite synths or sampler sounds with the phrases included. You can create piano lines, bass lines, guitar lines, string lines, pad lines, and more.


Useful specifications:

• 8500 Midi Files, 17 Folders
• MIDI Format
• Digital Delivered
• Royalty Free
• 67 MB Total Content

Compatible with:
• Software & Hardware – MIDI Format Support
• PC/Mac Compatible


You can use these to create from Hip Hop to Trance, Dance, Techno music styles. You will definitely find everything you want, depends on your skill and creativity to create original sounds and hot tracks.

Combine genres and create original tracks. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without other artifacts.

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– Advanced Midis – 130 midi files
– Dance Bass Midi Loops – 226 midi files
– Dirty South Midi Synths Loops – 50 midi files
– Drum Midi Patterns – 2750 midi files
– Electro Bass Midi Patterns – 110 midi files
– Funky Bass Midi Loops – 34 midi files
– Guitar MIDI Sequences – 163 midi files
– Hip Hop Midi Loops – Extra Pack – 306 midi files
– Hip Hop Bass MIDI Loops – 35 midi files
– House Bass Midi Loops – 106 midi files
– Latino Piano MIDI Loops – 50 midi files
– Rave Bass Midi Loops – 51 midi files
– MIDI Chords – Various – 200 midi files
– Super Synths MIDI Keys Loops – 52 midi files
– Techno Bass Midi Loops – 106 midi files
– Trance MIDI Collection – 4138 midi files
Note: sound kits are delivered electronically.

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