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Over 250 24bit Loops and One-Shots, arranged in 12 mind blowing Techno, Tech House & Minimal House Construction Kits.

Picture the scene its dawn, the sun is breaking over the forgotten city, people are getting up for work. But somewhere, in a secret boarded up basement, a faint stutter of strobe lights can be made out. The deep thud of pounding techno music can be heard. As the rest of the world prepares for another day, a handful of hardcore ravers are dancing the night away, reaching new levels of consciousness, united by pulsating rhythms and other-worldly sounds.

Drawing influences from the Godfathers of Techno such as Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Gregor Thresor and Trentemoller Liquid Techno Grooves captures the true sound of contemporary Techno, touching on popular sub-genres such as Minimal Techno, Tech House, Progressive Techno and Tech Trance. This up-to-date collection is fast-paced, and a powerful creative tool for producers, DJs and modern musicians looking to streamline the production process for release.

Authored by David Rose from the Prime Loops Production Squadron, he is one of our best engineers, with a vast amount of connections to the underground club scene. A walking dance dictionary, living and breathing music every day.

This collection has been made with the modern club-scene in mind, and comprises of over 250 pounding drum loops and one-shots, squelchy percussion loops, horrific bass lines, razor-sharp synth licks and trippy effects loops. As standard, this release is completely royalty free, and you can download the format which best suits you Wav to Akai, Logic to FL Studio, Acid to Garageband, and many more. Everything has been carefully organized into 12 ultra-flexible full Techno Grooves folders, and each sample has been clearly labeled with key and tempo info for your convenience.

So rip out the basslines, cut up the beats, remix the synths, tweak the effects.or create your own beats with the individual hits supplied with each groove, this is your Techno master-class.

This is the .wav edition. 

You can find this release in a large number of other special formats on our website including:

Ableton Live Pack (192mb)
Acid Loops (266mb)
Apple Loops (266mb)
FL Studio (266mb)
Garageband (266mb)

and many, many more!

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