Piano Awards Vol 1 (WAV)

Download Piano Awards Vol 1 (WAV)

Download Demo:‘Piano Awards Vol 1’ is presented to you by Big Citi Loops. These loops are for all you piano lovers that can’t get enough piano chords and Jazz. This amazing set of Construction Kits is influenced by Stevie Wonder and also motivated by other artists and producers, such as Chick Corea, Lil Harden, Jim Beard, B.B King, and many more.

This awesome pack includes 16 kits and 209 individual loops, making this an essential product for all artists and producers.

‘Piano Awards Vol 1’ takes its roots from Blues music, but through the years it has changed with the times going from Disco to Funk, Jazz, and many other mainstream genres. This one-of-a-kind collection is the modern incarnation of R&B, Country, Jazz, Funk, and Pop.

Product Contents:

– All Parts are separated and Royalty-Free
– All Keys and Tempos (16 Kits & 209 Loops)
– Instruments include live and sampled keys, multi-tracked drums, basslines, live and sampled guitars, vocal samples, FX, percussion, and synths
Tags: piano loops

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