RG V1C 16 Rhythm n Grooves 1.zip

Download RG V1C 16 Rhythm n Grooves 1.zip

Rhythm n Grooves Vol 1 Part C

Exotic Synthesized Rhythms & Grooves

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

Part C contains: Here’s the third segment of the funky rhythm with a little Pink Floyd feel to it contained in parts A and B, this section is in Fm7_9 the other 2 are in Cm7.
78 files in 1 folder – 47.7 megs
125-132 bpm
Rhythm & Grooves Volume 1 contains rhythmic synth grooves. There are some are individual instrument loops and also some multi instrument arrangements. The loops contain mostly instrument sounds that only synthesizers can produce like pads or hybrid instruments, but there are also some traditional drums, bass, and guitar included within some of the multi instrument mixes. The tempos range from 90-132 bpm. The styles range from funky to film to alt rock, but always a bit out of the ordinary.

All loops are completely acidized. The tempos and keys are noted in the files and folders, so you can easily and quickly find the appropriate tempo, key and style to use in your song. Each folder generally explores one theme with lots of variations.

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