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Download Demo:Those who happen to have some experience in the music business must’ve heard about artists or groups, walking in the studio, and asking the engineer if they drums can sound like Dr Dre or Timbaland or Scott Storch…

The engineer knows that there aint no way he can do that cos simply: the drums are whack!!!
So, he pulls out a CD or looks for the folder in the computer and simply suggests to change the sounds with some of XXX producer’s sounds…

99.9 of the cases the engineer replaces the sounds with the ones he got and 99.9 of the cases he doesnt get any credit for it.
The thing is, how did he have all the hot sounds that the artist didnt have?

Every engineer reading these lines knows that if an engineer wants to jack some drums from a producer its easy…

Nuff said…

The Hip Hop Workshop

is proud to present:

Scott Storch Drums

Drum samples that match the beat production style of Scott Storch!!!

This drum compilation is made by a beatmaker/producer for other beatmakers!!!

This compilation contains:

160 Scott Storch Bass Drums
120 Scott Storch Snare Drums
114 Scott Storch HiHats
065 Scott Storch Claps
025 Scott Storch Shakers
024 Scott Storch Tambourines
017 Scott Storch Crashes
014 Scott Storch Rides
539 Scott Storch Drum Sounds

These are not drums for you to just make beats for your friends in your basement.
Use them wisely! They can be $$$$ making drums!!!

Just download the preview of Scott Storch Drums to find out what were talking about.

A tip for young beatmakers:

There are toy beatmakers out there that say they have 10,000 and 10,000 snares… In reality, established producers only use about 10 to 50 BDs, 10-50 SNs and so on… and they just recycle them and change their library maybe every other season or on every other project they be working on. I’ve seen this in studios… Beatmakers using only 10 BDs and 13 SNs and maybe 10HHs for a whole album… They just EQ them and compress them differently on each track… If you are exprerienced with equalization and compressing, then you know that from a single drum hit you can produce maybe up to 10 different and “worth keeping” variations of that sound only by EQing and compressing it.

So, if you’re into commercial beatmaking style, this collection will last you for many many projects/records. Copy-Paste into another folder the drums you like and use most. Make other smaller drum kits out of these drums. By customizing this drum collection you will get familiar with the big amount of drums we present. We advise you to use the same kits you’ve created over and over for a period of time. This way you will get familiar with the enormous number of drums and you will have your own signature on the beats you make. Cos thats the key! Use the same sounds through a period of time and your style will be noticed in your hood, your city or the network youre about to build!!!

Sample them on your MPC2000XL and match the Scott Storch style of percussion!

Import them on your MV8000/MV8800, Phantom, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC4000, HALion (VSTi) or any other hardware or software sampler and you have crystal clrear drums along with the thickness and crispiness of these drums!!!

All are guaranteed to rock you.

What are you waiting for?

A pack of cigarettes cost more than 7 bucks!

Scott Storch Drums are only $6.95!!!


All drum sounds are in 44.1Khz 16bit wav format and are compatible with mostly any system.

Buyer will receive a link RIGHT AFTER payment. Payments made by paypal only.

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