SF V2F 16 Swinglefunk 2.zip

Download SF V2F 16 Swinglefunk 2.zip

Swinglefunk Vol 2 Part F

Exotic Synth Rhythms

Acid Loops – 16 bit files

Part F contains:
63 files – 52.6 megs
97 bpm

Swinglefunk Volume 1 contains one funky 4 bar motif with some swing to it, and lots and lots of rhythmic and tonal variations. The key is C and the tempo is 97. The tonal nuances range from pad sounding to wah wah guitar sounding to organ sounding to kalimba sounding while the rhythm is modulating as well. The tones transpose and layer well, allowing you to make more complex chordal variations and rhythms, and the motif lends well to lots of different styles. Swinglefunk volume 2 is the second half of the same jam and volume 3 is additional takes in different keys.

All loops are completely acidized including the setting of the keys.

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