Download STYLUS RMX Drumz Kits

This is the Stylus RMX Drum kits from the actual VST Stylus. You will not find this anywhere. This is exclusive hot wave drums that you can import in any software system or hardware system that accepts wave files, this includes Reasons, FL Studio, MPC’s and all. This is a download only.

This product is delivered digitally, so once the purchase is made you can get to making your hits immediately afterwards! Not only does this give the product as fast as you internet connection can provide but it also saves you $money$ on shipping and handling charges.

A broadband connection is recommended for this purchase to ensure delivery in a timely matter. – 29 differents kits of Kicks (808, club …}- 25 kits of snares ( Electonic , vynil , lo fi…)- 16 differents kits of HH’s ( 808 N 909 ,Urban 2..)- 15 kits of Percs ( Bongos , Congas, Timbales, shakers…)- 4 differents kits of Cymcals (Lo Fi, Hi Fi, rides…)- 3 kits of Tom Tom’s- 2 kits of claps- 2 kits of Sidesticks- 1 kit of snaps

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