The 808 vst

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The 808 vst is an VSTi that is a drummachine. This means that you can load it from any VSTi host such as Cubase or Minihost.

The reason that the The 808 vst exists is that I have a friend that missed the feeling to program drums like he does on the hardware drummachines such as Roland TR-808. He had found what he wanted in Propellerheads ReDrum drummachine but found it irretating to have two hosts in parallell running, because ReDrum isn’t a VSTi. e.

# 24 tracks for 12 drums, where each drum can be programed with the 16 step sequencer (i.e. 16 playable positions in 1 bar (4 beats))
# You control which of the 24 patterns played with MIDI oktave 2-3.
# The sequencer can be synced against a host.
# Each drum has its own stereo output channel.
# There is a mode for not using the sequencer Where you with the midi keyboard can play the samples (with velocity).
# The sequencer can be synced by T (“stand-alone”). There is no knob for the tempo however, but you can change the tempo by changing the tempo of your host.
# Thethe sample file.

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