The Complete Motif Drums kit

Download The Complete Motif Drums kit

This is it! I have finally did it, I have sample every and I mean every sound from the Motif ES 8. This CD took four weeks and a half to Finnish ES6 16 bit. This is just like having a Motif, except without having the big $2000 price tag.

All sounds EXACTLY mirror their original counter parts and are distortion free. You can use MOTIF with any music application that accept wave files like reason, fruity loops, mach five, Kompakt, Halion, Battery and any hardware sampler that accepts wave files You get more than 4,600 drum sounds in all!! The best part is with the computer soft wear out there now I can tweak out the sound so fat you cant even tell they are from the Motif any more . This is a most have don’t matter what music you make from rock to country to pop R&B to rap. Get the real Im the only one with wave format

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