The Complete ROLAND FANTOM Drums Sounds

Download The Complete ROLAND FANTOM Drums Sounds

The Fantom-X used by some of the biggest names in hip hop, R&B and other music. This CD took me at least 3 weeks to finish. This is 1GB!! of data all categorized in folders with the actual names of the drums from the Fantom-X. I

f any of you know about the Roland drums, you know that they made the 808’s sound which is the biggest thing in hip hop. They make the hottest drum machines. considering to get these drums you will have to buy the keyboard that costs $3,000. These drums can be used with any music program that accepts wave files even the new MPC’s and the old triton.

All samples are in 16bit WAV file format & are royalty free. so you can start puting your hit on the radio today

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